When labor discipline is violated

When labor discipline is violated

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When labor discipline is violated

                                                                                    Types of labor discipline violations

Disciplinary responsibility, as is well known, is a system of measures with which, in case of violation of labor discipline, the employer affects the persons with whom he is in employment relations. Pursuant to the Criminal Code, the offender shall be punished with the disciplinary penalties provided for in this Code, regardless of property, administrative or criminal liability, if such liability is foreseen

Violations of labor discipline are:

  1. being late, leaving work prematurely, not showing up for work or not compacting working hours;
  2. the employee's or employee's appearance at work in a condition that does not allow him to perform his assigned tasks;
  3. non-fulfillment of the assigned work, non-compliance with technical and technological rules;
  4. producing low-quality products;
  5. non-compliance with the rules for health and safety at work;
  6. failure to comply with the legal orders of the employer;
  7. abuse of trust and damage to the good name of the enterprise, as well as dissemination of confidential information about it;
  8. damage to the employer's property and waste of materials, raw materials, energy and other means;
  9. non-fulfilment of other labor obligations provided for in laws and other normative acts, in the internal labor regulations, in the collective labor agreement or determined at the time of the employment relationship.

Types of disciplinary punishments

  1. remark;
  2. notice of dismissal;
  3. dismissal.
  Please note that only one disciplinary penalty may be imposed for the same violation of labor discipline.

Disciplinary dismissal may be imposed for:

  1. three delays or early departures from work in one calendar month, each of which is not less than 1 hour;
  2. not showing up for work for two consecutive working days;
  3. systematic violations of labor discipline;
  4. abuse of the employer's trust or dissemination of information confidential to him;
  5. harming citizens by workers or employees in trade and services through fraud in the price, weight, quality of the goods or service;
  6. participation in gambling games through telecommunication means of the enterprise and the expenses incurred are reimbursed in full;
  7. other serious violations of labor discipline.
  Disciplinary dismissal is imposed in accordance with the criteria for determining the disciplinary penalty, which takes into account the severity of the violation, the circumstances in which it was committed, as well as the behavior of the worker or employee.
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When labor discipline is violated
When labor discipline is violated
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