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Real Estate
real Estate
Some of the activities that predostavm its clients in connection with the implementation and exercise of their right of ownership of real estate are as follows:
Supply the necessary documents to establish ownership of real estate and performing notarial his transfer;
Preparation of preliminary contracts of sale of real estate.
Real estate - sale, gift, exchange, sale against liability for maintenance and care
Study of the legal status of the property at the Land Registry, thorough analysis and preparation of transaction documents
Making real estate transactions before the notary establishment right to use, right to build, upgrade, additions easements;
Circumstantial check for acquisition of real property by prescription;
Analysis and consulting in co-ownership real estate - use voluntary division and partition judicially transfer of an immovable property;
Judicial protection of property rights and other property rights and protection of tenure;
Representation to banks, preparation and signing of mortgage contracts in connection with the purchase of real estate;
Entries in the land register.
In case you intend to conclude a deal with real estate has several mandatory things that should be completed before the transaction.
First, if you are a buyer / Receiver /, it should make sure that the seller is the owner of the property. For this purpose should be reviewed in detail the ownership documents and to make the necessary inquiries for the property, including to obtain a certificate of weights for the property and for a period of at least ten years ago. The last requirement is necessary not only to follow the legal transfer of ownership of the previous owners, but also to establish whether the previous owner was not encumbered with property charges / mortgages, for example, because if so, then this mortgage is enforceable against the new buyer and he will acquire properties with a burden, but the ten-year period is necessary in order that the expiration of 10 years from the entry of the mortgage, it loses its red.t.e. even if there are mortgages back in time, they do not weigh on the property /.
Should also consult a notary in what form to complete the transaction, whether it would be appropriate that this is the sale, exchange, donation, transfer an obligation for support and care. Hypotheses here are different depend on the parties to the transaction are are they in any relationship, what aim, which would be the cheapest option.
For example, in the case of joint ownership of property-owner to sell to a third party its part, must first offer the same part at the same selling price of the other co-owner. This law provided, however, can be avoided if the donation be made to a third party as part owned by a co-owned property or replacement. Issues that could arise at the conclusion of each transaction are extremely diverse and there can not be affected all hypotheses, nor indicate what is the right decision, so before each transaction must be consulted by the parties to a lawyer who explain to them who is the most appropriate option in their case, what are the pros and cons of the preferred form in which the transaction be performed.
In recent years, real estate transactions are carried out primarily through the intermediary companies, which in many cases offer ready-made templates for the conclusion of preliminary contracts and organize the transaction before a notary. When using the services of such companies should be aware that the intermediary companies have an interest in the transaction, as their work in practice ended in the signing of the preliminary contract, at which stage and receive their commission in general. Since agencies generally represent both sides, or even not so, their interest is the deal be concluded, it is better to consult a lawyer to protect your interests and explain the most suitable for you and for both sides transaction method for forming the same by notary. I believe that even in negotiations for the sale of the property, regardless of you is a recruitment agency for real estate transactions, a consultation with a lawyer to represent you and in negotiations. This is especially true of new buildings, and old properties whose ownership is complicated because of the many descendants, restitutions and other circumstances.                                               


Lawyer Real Estate varna
Lawyer Real Estate varna
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