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Labor law

 labor law
A key issue for labor law employment contract, under which the employees render service. He / she is employed by one party to carry out certain work functions, while respecting the established labor discipline and the employer liable to disciplinary action for any disciplinary offenses and in some cases - and limited financial liability. The employer on the other hand are obliged to ensure safe and healthy working conditions, to provide clear instructions and information to employees / officials to pay on time and in full their labor remuneration to translate promptly following social and health insurance. Hiring an employment contract is subject to particular importance of social rights and human dignity. Labor law establishes a number of mandatory rules for minimum wage, frequency and duration of rest periods for different types of leaves, the social responsibility of employers for accidents at work, maternity, etc.
For most employees employment is a major source of their means of livelihood. Therefore, the law protects and ensures the stability of the employment contract. Without the express written consent of the worker / employee conditions of employment contract can not be amended to his detriment. Termination of the employment contract is allowed only in specifically identified in the law. Upon dismissal require compliance with special disciplinary proceedings, and when economic conditions require downsizing employees, the employer is obliged to make a fair selection between them.
Particular share of labor law are collective rights. Employees in any undertaking can appoint representatives to form works councils and to associate in trade unions to protect their rights in an organized and massive way. Thanks to such organizations, employees can bring collective bargaining, to conclude collective agreements or to cause collective disputes. The last, if not lead to a reasonable result.
   consultation on employment
   preparation of internal company documentation work
   consultation in the selection and layoffs
   consultation at the conclusion of collective agreements
   assistance in the conduct of collective labor disputes
   claims for unpaid wages
   challenging unfounded disciplinary
   realization of the limited financial liability
   Claims for improper termination of employment contract
Lawyer labor law varna
Lawyer labor law varna
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