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Inheritance Law

lawyer Julia Danova, Varna
   Inheritance law is the part of civil law, which regulates property relations, emerging in the death of citizens in connection with the transition of their property to other persons.
   Property relations are social relations that arise on the basis of ownership. In connection with her rise to many and varied imushtetsveni relations which are reflected in various areas of law and are governed by them. Inheritance law is the subject of this round of property relations that arise with the death of an individual and the transition of its assets to others.
  Naledstvenoto law has passed a long way of development. This time relates to the development of the property and the family. The amendment of the forms of ownership vary themselves property relations, including relations that occur in succession. The beginnings of succession was still in predklasovoto society, in a stage of development of the tribal system where property of the deceased is switching to the other members of roda- initially maternal and a paternal kasno-.
  As a legal institution, however, the succession has occurred in the collapse of parvobitnooshtinniya system caused by the development of productive forces and the emergence of private ownership of guns and means of production, the appearance of special families.
  Ownership ikinimicheski sense existed in the creation of classes, state and law, but as private property rights appeared only until the class society and the law of succession arose with the advent of private property rights when the state is with relevant rules established procedures for crossing the property by inheritance.
  The law of succession is closely linked to family relations. Normally the estate passes to the family members of the deceased. With respect to the closest of them law establishes a special advantage, share of the inheritance, which the decedent can not dispose of grant instruments / bequests and gifts /. Family relations are one of the most important reasons for passing the inheritance property.
Lawyer Probate varna
Lawyer Probate varna
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