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 Contract law
Contract law examines contracts and corresponding rights and obligations. The contract is an agreement between two or more parties that agree to regulate certain relations. Under the contract arises a legal relationship between the parties, which consists of rights and obligations; the right to demand fulfillment of the obligation and duty to satisfy the law.
In the event that a contractual obligation is not fulfilled or be executed poorly, the contractual right prejudice and its carrier acquires new law - to seek compensation for suffered adverse effects. Contract law governs the extent to which it can stretch responsibility, and the conditions for discharge (objection of unfulfilled contract, offsetting a limitation period, forgiveness, etc.). Special issue of contract law is non-contractual liability, which arises from tort (delict) of accidents caused due belongings of the responsible person and others. Pledge, mortgage and suretyship are legal options Contracting Parties to ensure further their interests by arranging appropriate collateral. There are legal options for the transfer of receivables (cession) entering or debt substitution, replacing one debt with another (novation) and others.
In practice and theory meet a wide variety of contracts, depending on the nature of settled relationships. Purchase is a classic example of a bilateral agreement in which one party undertakes to provide certain thing and the other side - to pay the agreed price. Typical bilateral contracts are hiring, lending, deposits, workmanship. Multilateral agreements are companies, as they two or more persons agree through joint efforts to pursue a common goal. Real example the contract of carriage - his conclusion is also necessary negotiations, also upload actual cargo or passengers in the vehicle. Consensual is the lease because the conclusion is enough to agree. A typical contract "with a view of personality" is the contract for attorney assistance, as the personality of the particular lawyer is essential. Principle, the law allows the parties to settle their relations freely, provided they do not violate the law and morality. Therefore there is an innumerable amount of "unnamed contracts", which the parties may conclude between themselves, satisfying their needs - as long as you do not violate the law and morality.
   consultation and drafting contracts
   assistance in negotiations
   claims for breach of contractual obligations
   claims for unjust enrichment
   claims for tort
   imposing securities receivable
   objections limitation and unfulfilled contract
   transfer of receivables and assumption of debt
Lawyer Contract Law Varna
Lawyer Contract Law Varna
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