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Migration and refugee law

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According to archaeologists, almost all people on Earth are migrants, since mankind originated in Africa about 200,000 years ago, and then spread throughout the world - to Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas... Today there are about 200 million migrants around the world, and the problems and opportunities related to migration are fiercely debated by politicians and ordinary people all over the world... We can call the 21st century "the age of migrants.
Boris Altner, journalist1
In our interconnected world, and especially within the European Union, national borders are increasingly not an obstacle for businesses wishing to carry out international trade and cross-border commercial activities, but they can still prove to be a major obstacle preventing the free movement of people who may have a whole range of reasons for wanting to live and work abroad or in another country. Migration breaks down traditional differences between cultures, ethnic groups and languages and contributes to diversity, cultural and economic richness. Many people see migration as a challenge or even a threat. It is a challenge to human rights mechanisms that struggle to ensure the full enjoyment of human rights by all, including migrants, because the human rights of migrants are often violated.
Our team can assist individuals wishing to move from one country to another with a range of specialist legal services to facilitate emigration and immigration, including:
- assistance in applying for and obtaining various types of visas
- advice on securing permits for temporary, long-term and permanent stay in the territory of an EU Member State, including: registration certificates, community family member card, permanent residence certificates for community citizens and/or family members
- appeal visa refusals in court
- challenging refusals to grant temporary or permanent rights to stay in the territory of an EU member state
- assistance in obtaining refugee status and the right to asylum, including ordinary and ancillary procedures
- consultations on the free movement of workers within the EU, such as renewal and changes of work permits
- assistance with family reunification, including temporary residence permits due to extraordinary circumstances
- procedure for obtaining another citizenship as a result of residence and other alternative routes or options


Migration and refugee law
Migration and refugee law
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