Legal subscription service Varna

Legal subscription services Varna

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Subscription legal service provided
The tariff is provided for the full range of services listed on the website of the office provided within 30 / thirty / h during working hours from Monday to Friday - from 9.00 to 18.00, namely: preparation of transactions study real estate, drafting contracts, employment law cases, consultations - online or by telephone, prepare papers, registration of changes in the Commercial Register and others.
Depending on the expected volume of legal work is possible to contract different from the above plan for hourly service or subscription with monthly fixed rate, regardless of working hours, as well as a contract for legal representation in cases.
Because you will always have someone to rely on, you get cost document and contributors, the financial statements will be filed in the commercial register on time will have a certificate of good standing of the company as soon as you need, etc.
The value of the annual subscription is far lower than the value of the monthly salary of a qualified lawyer on a permanent basis. Often the company does not have sufficient legal tasks to instruct Counsel appointments and his office proved unjustified expenditure. Thus, the company lost the opportunity to use legal services as needed, conclude unprofitable contracts or suffer injury.
The subscription ensures highly qualified legal assistance if necessary, without its material interest, therefore consultation contract with high material interest within 5 working hours, saving the company legal fees in a tenfold higher amount than is the annual general value of the subscription.
WHAT INCLUDES subscription?
Full legal services to sole traders, partnerships and legal persons under the Cooperatives Act or under the Law for non-profit organizations / foundations, associations and others. / Within the agreed time of the month. Time is determined by expectations of your volume of legal work. The tariff is provided for the full range of services listed in the current price list provided within the working hours - from 9.00 to 18.00, namely: preparation of papers, registration of changes in the Commercial Register, preparation of transactions and preparation contracts, employment law cases, online consultations, and more.
Can be negotiated hourly service or service without definitely saving time at a fixed tariff. If the service is hourly, unused hours are not transferred to the next month and then exceeded them, each successive made custom hour costs another tariff / the volume is possible discount /.
To determine the value of the contract with you, send us an inquiry outlining what kind of services you will need as a monthly volume / expect as you need five to ten times a month of legal advice by phone onalyn by email or Skype, and / or expect to sign 1-2 month contracts worth .................. .. EUR / lev and / or expect to negotiate or buy property or others. /
Will offer you according to your needs!
Legal subscription services Varna
Legal subscription services Varna
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