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Criminal law

criminal law
Criminal law regulates relations between the state and the perpetrators of crime. Crime is a key issue in criminal law and is considered the worst possible attacks on the established order. Defined as socially, guilty of conduct which is expressly declared by law as punishable. It may be an act or omission has been committed intentionally or negligently. Distinguish crimes against peace and humanity; against the state; against the person, health and dignity; against property; against the tax and financial system; against justice and others. Besides the crimes of a general nature that affect society as a whole, distinguish and crimes of a private nature (mostly related to violations of loved ones or relating to the personal sense of honor and dignity), which may only be prosecuted following a complaint by the victim.
The penalty is the next key element of criminal law. Punishment is not revenge, and legal restrictions on the rights of the convict in order to be repaired to community life. Distinguish sentences of life imprisonment without parole and life imprisonment; imprisonment of varying duration; corrective labor; confiscation of property; fine; deprivation of rights; public censure. The penalty shall be determined by the court based on the Act and proving the criminal violations. In minor cases and numerous mitigating circumstances may be imposed and less punishment than that specified in the law or criminal liability be replaced by administrative and penal. Last released offender from criminal liability.
Rehabilitation is the last key point, which we will discuss. Criminal liability of the perpetrator is the fact - to be attracted to criminal proceedings and sentenced to serve a punishment imposed and to be treated as convicted then. Rehabilitation deleted the conviction and the person from now is considered to be non-judgmental. This is possible after a certain period whose duration is determined by the severity of the offense. The requirement in this period no other crimes and was honored "good behavior." In some cases, rehabilitation law can not occur (eg when the person once has already been rehabilitated). Then it is possible judicial rehabilitation at the request of the person to the trial court. In other cases (crimes against peace and humanity or against statehood) rehabilitation is generally impossible and the fact of his conviction remains forever.
   protection actions of the investigation, and prosecution
   protection as accused in pre-trial proceedings
   protection in attracting as defendant in criminal proceedings
   filing of private complaints against crimes of a private nature
   maintaining civil charges of indictable offenses
   civil claims in criminal proceedings
   assistance in requests for pardon and parole
   assistance in the conduct of proceedings for judicial rehabilitation
Lawyer criminal law varna
Lawyer criminal law varna
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