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Administrative law and litigation of administrative acts
Subject to administrative law, the specific social relations between the subjects of administrative law that arise in the process of executive activities of public authorities in administrative law.
Administrative law regulates the relations connected with performing executive functions. Main feature of the method of legal regulation is that it is authoritative. It depends on the nature of social relations. It depends on the existing legal and established inequality between countries. In the most common case, legal changes have unilateral nature. They depend on the will of the state body and lead to legal change in the person to whom they relate. The system of administrative law is determined by its regulatory function of the relationship between the executive and the public. There are substantive and procedural rules. Moreover, there are general and specific provisions. General regulate common activities and common rules regulating specific special relationship. Such is the ratio between the APC and the Law on Radio and Television or APC and TDA.
Service in administrative law is associated with up to:
- Challenging administrative acts by administrative order
- Contestation of the individual administrative acts before the first instance court
- Contesting the general and normative administrative acts before the first instance court
- Challenge the penalty decrees
- Proceedings for damages
- Protection against unjustified acts or omissions of the administration
- Appeal of rulings and orders of the court
- The further protection before the Supreme Administrative Court and others.
Protection in administrative law is ensured by filing an appeal in the strict procedural form to the higher administrative authority or directly before the court.
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Lawyer administrative law varna
Lawyer administrative law varna
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