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  Family Law

As part of the current objective law of the Republic of Bulgaria / RB / predtsvlyava family law system of law which was formed criterion subject to regulation. Subject to regulation standards of a fair family law are family relationships. The provisions of chl.1SK can be inferred that family are the legal relations arising from legal facts of marriage, kinship and osninovyavane. Moreover, in the scope of regulation of family law at the express order of the law included legal relations arising from the establishment of guardianship under Chapter 11 On SK.
The place of family law as part of the objective law of RB in our country there is an old dogmatic dispute in decades. To discuss whether family law is an independent private sector along with civil, labor, commercial, private international law, intellectual property law, etc. or is part of the system of Bulgarian civil law.
The provisions of Article 2 of the new CK, like chk.3 revoked SC governs the principles of family law. They are the general guiding legal principles / general legal norms / underpinning the overall framework of family relationships. In essence, many of these principles are detail the constitutional foundations of the family law system and find their further development in a number of specific provisions of the family law legislation.
1.Printsipat protection of marriage and the family of the Bulgarian state and society is reflected in the provisions on marriage
2.Printsipat equality of man and woman in marriage is expressly reproduced in the provision of Article 13 of the Family Code, and razporedbote on personal relations between spouses in the way of forming the surname of the spouses in equal freedom to choose their imushtestvenobrachen mode recognized both spouses in equality of rights and obligations of both roditei regarding underage marriage and children in the possibility of each exercise them sole and samostoyatelsno in full.
3. The principle of voluntary marital union
4. The principle of special protection of children
5. The principle of equality of those born in wedlock, out of wedlock and adopted children
6. Printspi respect for the individual in semeysvtoto
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   counseling and preparation of marriage contracts
   divorce by mutual consent and in a civil action
   counseling in domestic violence
   claims for alimony and custody
   consultation on the adoption of children
   claims for the establishment of origin
Lawyer family law varna
Lawyer family law varna
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