Trade union organization

Trade union organization

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Trade union organization

What is a trade union?

The trade union organization is an association of workers and employees of a given enterprise.

What is the trade union organization established for?

The trade union organization is established for the purpose of protecting and guaranteeing the labor and insurance rights and interests of all workers and employees in the enterprise.

What rights do trade unions have?

  • Each trade union organization draws up and adopts its own statutes and work rules, elects its bodies and representatives, and determines its own functions.
  • The bodies of the trade union organization have the right to participate in the preparation of all internal rules and regulations in the enterprise relating to labor rights, and the employer has the obligation to invite them.
  • The trade union organization has the right to represent workers and employees at their request and before the Court. It cannot, however, enter into agreements, admit claims, waive, withdraw or reduce the demands of workers and employees and receive sums at the expense of the represented persons, unless it is expressly authorized to do so.
  • Every trade union organization has the right to assistance in carrying out its activities. The employer helps and provides an opportunity to carry out the trade union's activities. All state bodies and institutions also create conditions for the trade union organization, by being able to provide movable and immovable properties, etc., for use free of charge.

How is a trade union recognized?

The trade union organization is recognized after conducting a procedure, the beginning of which is announced in the State Gazette. If it meets certain requirements, the Council of Ministers issues a decision within two months from the receipt of the relevant request from the trade union, recognizing it at the national level for a period of 4 years.

If the Council of Ministers refuses to recognize an organization of workers and employees, it must notify the trade union with a reasoned decision within 7 days of its adoption.

This refusal is appealed to the Supreme Court of Cassation.

Quality of trade union organization

After entering the trade union organization in the register of the relevant district court based on its seat, it acquires the status of a legal entity.


Trade union organization
Trade union organization
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