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What does a worker/employee or self-insured person have to do if they need to use Sick Leave?

In order to receive compensation for temporary incapacity while sick, the person must first obtain a Sick Leave from a doctor, and if he is unable to visit the hospital, he must inform the doctor by phone in order to register a Sick Leave from the first day of the inability to work. After obtaining a Sick Card, the worker/employee must present it to the employer, as the law does not specify a deadline.

What does the employer need to do in order to be paid sick leave?

The legislator has expressly noted that the employer (insurer) is obliged to submit to the relevant territorial division of the National Insurance Institute /National Insurance Institute/ the necessary documents for the payment of benefits for temporary incapacity by the 10th of the month following the month in which the person submitted the documents before the employer (insurer).

If the person is self-insured, the deadline is the 10th of the month following the one in which the document for payment of the temporary incapacity benefit was issued.

The employer keeps a "Diary for the sick sheets", in which he enters information such as: date of presentation of the sick leave to the employer, date of presentation of the sick leave to the National Institute of Health, as well as other important information that would make it easier for him to control sick leave.

When is the sick leave paid?

The sick leave is paid within 10 working days from the presentation of the necessary documents by the employer (insurer) to the National Institute of Social Insurance Institutions on a provided bank account.


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