Rental agreement

Rental agreement

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Rental agreement

What is a rental agreement?

The rental agreement is a written agreement between two persons to rent for use their own or non-property from one person to another person for a certain period of time against payment of a certain price.

 Parties to a lease

• Lessor - the person who rents out a specific object;

• Tenant - the person who borrows someone else's property for use against payment.

Term of the rental agreement

The rental agreement cannot be concluded for more than 10 /ten/ years.

Provided that the lessor is not the owner and has only the right to simple management, he can only enter into a lease for a period of up to 3 years.

If a rental contract is concluded for a longer period, it is considered that the contract is valid for a period of up to 3 years or up to 10 years, respectively.

Obligation of the tenant when entering into a rental agreement

• to use the item for the use specified in the contract, and in the absence of such - according to its purpose.

• to pay the rental price and the costs related to the use of the item;

  • to pay for minor repairs relating to damage due to ordinary use, such as soiling of walls in premises, corrosion of taps, of locks, clogging of chimneys and the like.

• to notify the lessor immediately of the damages and encroachments made on the rented object

• to return the item after the expiry of the contract period.

Tenant's rights when concluding a rental agreement

The tenant can request the repair of the item, a proportionate reduction of the rental price or cancel the contract, as well as request compensation in all cases if the item does not meet the agreed upon.

Obligations of the lessor:

• to provide the item in a condition, according to the stipulation of the rental agreement;

• take care of the item by providing basic repairs, etc

Landlord's rights

• to receive the price agreed upon in the rental agreement;

• to be notified in the presence of a serious threat to the preservation of the object's integrity;

• after completion of the contract, to receive the item

Leasing of an item from a lessee

If a clause prohibiting the subletting of an item under a lease agreement is expressly included in the lease, the lessee has no right to sublet. In all other cases, each lessee has the right to sublease the item that he has rented to another third party.

In this case, the subtenant cannot have more rights than those of the tenant.

When concluding a contract for renting a room in a condominium, the tenant is obliged to fulfill all the rules. Otherwise, he can be removed from the rented premises at the request of the apartment management

If the lease term expires

• If the use of the property is continued after the rental period has expired with the knowledge and without opposition of the lessor, the contract is considered extended for an indefinite period.

• If the object is continued to be used despite the lessor's opposition, the lessor owes compensation and must fulfill all obligations arising from the terminated rental agreement.

If during the transfer of property / sale, donation, exchange, etc. / there is still a valid rental agreement

In the event that a rental agreement is available at the time of the transfer of real estate, the same remains in force against the new owner only if it was entered in the property register.

This lease shall be binding on the new owner for the term provided therein, but not for more than one year from the transfer.

In the event that there is no reliable date and the tenant is in possession of the property, the contract is binding on the transferee as a lease without a fixed term.

The lessor owes compensation to the lessee if the latter is deprived of the use of the leased property before the end of the lease term due to the transfer of the property.

Lease agreement without a fixed term

 With this lease, either party can cancel it by giving one month's notice to the other.

If the rent is paid per day - it is necessary to warn one day earlier.



Rental agreement
Rental agreement
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