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According to Bulgarian legislation, every father who lives in the same household with the mother of his child and who is insured for 12 months for general illness and maternity has the right to 15 (calendar) days of leave upon the birth of a child.

When does this paternity leave start?

This paternity leave begins to run from the date of discharge of the newborn from the hospital, which is certified by a Service Note issued there.

Who pays for paternity leave?

The time during which the father is on paternity leave is considered as work experience, and the monetary compensation is paid by the National Social Insurance Institution. The employer is not responsible for any costs related to paternity leave.

How much is the paternity leave benefit?

The monetary benefit for one day of paternity is calculated at the rate of 90 percent of the average daily insurance income, on which insurance contributions have been paid (or are due) for general illness and maternity - for a period of 24 calendar months that precede the month of occurrence fatherhood.

What documents are required to use paternity leave?

The documents that the father must provide to the employer in order to benefit from paternity leave are the following:

  •  A written application (by the father) for the payment of monetary compensation upon the birth of a child;
  •  Application to the employer for the use of leave (up to 15 calendar days) upon the birth of a child;
  •  Declaration from both parents stating that the father has recognized his child and that the parents live in the same household (or are married);
  •  A document from the relevant hospital certifying the date on which the child was discharged from it.

In connection with the permission to use paternity leave, the Employer must issue an Order from the day specified in the application, as well as submit to the National Institute of Social and Health Sciences the necessary documentation for granting the benefit and establishing the internship.

Can paternity leave be postponed?

Paternity leave can only be used within the specified 15 (calendar) days, and it cannot be postponed for another, later period. That is, the leave can be used in full or only in part, starting from the date of discharge of the child.



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