Object of copyright

Object of copyright

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Object of copyright

    For example, you are the author of a piece of music, a book, a logo, or something else. You want to know if it is subject to copyright and if you can protect it.

    It is important to know that the Copyright and Related Rights Act explicitly lists the objects of copyright and this can be any work of literature, art and science, such as:

  •  literary works - scientific, technical literature, journalism and computer programs;
  • musical works;
  • stage works - dramatic, musical-dramatic, pantomime, choreographic, etc .;
  • films and other audio-visual works;
  • works of fine arts, applied arts, design and folk arts and crafts;
  • realized works of architecture and attached development plans;
  • photographic works and works created in a manner analogous to the photographic one;
  • approved architectural projects, spatial planning projects, maps, schemes, plans relating to architecture, spatial planning, geography, topography, museum work and any other field of science and technology;
  • graphic design of a printed edition;
  • cadastral maps and state topographic maps;
  • preparatory sketches, plans and the like;
  • the arrangement of a musical work or folklore works

    Even the translation or adaptation of an existing work or folklore work that you may have done is subject to copyright.

    All periodicals, encyclopedias, collections, anthologies, bibliographies and the like may also be subject to copyright.

    In no case are they subject to copyright:

  • normative and individual acts of state governing bodies, acts of the courts, as well as their official translations;
  • different ideas and concepts;
  • folklore works;
  • all news, information, facts and data.



Object of copyright
Object of copyright
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