Increase in alimony

Increase in alimony

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Increase in alimony

Who can request an increase in child support?

An increase in alimony can only be requested by someone who already has an effective decision for alimony in a certain amount, which, however, is no longer sufficient.

Children who need an increase in maintenance are represented by their parents-guardians.

When does alimony increase?

An increase in alimony can always be requested when the minimum wage for the country is increased, if its amount is in line with it.

Otherwise, an increase in maintenance can always be requested, but the legislator sets two conditions that must be present at the same time:

- a change in the dependent's circumstances and

- possibility of the dependent to pay a higher amount of maintenance

The change in circumstances must be proven in relation to the circumstances that existed at the time of the previous award of maintenance by the court. This change must impose greater needs on the dependent, which needs the dependent must attend to and provide for.

A change in circumstances is, for example: starting school for the child to whom support is owed; presence of outstanding talent, which must be supported with additional schools, appearances; emergence of health problems that require treatment and in general anything that is new and imposes more costs on the dependent person.

The ability of the dependent is assessed according to his financial situation /income, property, etc./; qualification/profession; age etc.

For each individual case, it is necessary to collect sufficient evidence regarding the existence of a change in the circumstances that require a higher amount of maintenance and, accordingly, about the ability of the dependent person to pay it.

What do I need to do to increase my alimony?

To increase alimony, it is necessary to file a claim with attached evidence before the District Court at my permanent address or at the address of the dependent person.

There is no court fee!


Increase in alimony
Increase in alimony
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