Departmental gas station

Departmental gas station

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Departmental gas station

What is the Departmental Gas Station?

The departmental gas station is essentially a private gas station. It is built in an area that is convenient for you to be easily and conveniently used by all cars of the company. This service station can be petrol-only, diesel-only or combined.

At the Departmental Gas Station we need two contractors: one to provide us with the equipment and a second contractor to supply us with fuel.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Issuance of a Permit for placement of a movable facility / modular tank / is issued by the respective Municipality of Devnya after submission of an Application, accompanied by a geodetic survey, statement from the local Fire Department, etc./;
  2. Connection with a specific company for installation of the complete equipment, which also includes a fiscal system, transmitting data to the National Revenue Agency, a probe, a gas station, a tank, etc. The equipment is purchased and the following is concluded with the company: Contract for delivery and installation and commissioning and Contract for service maintenance and maintenance of ESFP for a period of 1 year;
  3. After the construction, the Departmental Gas Station shall be registered with the Ministry of Economy;
  4. There is a company that supplies fuel.

This whole procedure takes about 2 months.

In view of the constantly performed service of the Departmental gas station, depreciation occurs after about 20 years.

The advantages of using a departmental gas station are the following:

  •  convenience due to the close proximity of the UK;
  •  saving time and additional fuel for express refueling;
  •  there is no need to appoint a person to charge and monitor the process, because everything is electronic and can be monitored, and the charge itself is done using chips or cards from employees;
  •  improving control over refueling and consumption;
  •  knowledge and choice of fuel quality;
  •  buying at wholesale prices, etc.



Departmental gas station
Departmental gas station
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