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Recently, it is fashionable to downplay the work of the Prosecutor's Office or the Anti-Corruption Commission, for example. Only they work with this work to refute these manipulations.
Next, the court should only speak with its judicial acts. A rule that, along with the SCC chairman, shone with his political speeches, has been repeatedly violated. But the court should not be blasphemous and questionable - who is the judge who likes the judge?
This comment is for another, and despite its human face, it may concern the legislation. The names and cases listed are arbitrary, others may well be many. But they are from the news stream and the jurors in recent months.
Momchil Milchov, Valcho Arabadzhiev, Gabriela Medarova, Georgi Dokov. These Bulgarians probably do not know each other. But it connects them - and the four are under the pressure of justice. It connects them to something else - a different view of criminal justice and, in particular, of detention.
According to Judge X, a murder perpetrator (a crash biker after alcohol) can be released on bail. Judge Y, a young lady with a hooliganish temper, was a girl in a disco and hit ten cars after drinking alcohol and drugs can be bail. Judge Z, investigated for money laundering, whose parents are looking for tax crimes, may be bail because he is studying in London and will not be hiding. And according to a fourth judge (court panel), a participant in a fight that did not have death or grievous bodily injury, he must lie in custody with other detainees instead of working and taking care of his wife and child. There are many other cases in which perpetrators of crime and defendants go to freedom.
An inner conviction you will say. And you are right. But let's look at case studies with names.
Georgi Dokov will not hide or commit other crimes, according to the court in Pazardzhik. He has a pecuniary guarantee of BGN 10,000. According to his indictment, on August 30, 2018, on a municipal road between the villages of Sarajevo and Ivaylo in Pazardzhik, Dokov ruled a Opel Astra motor car. He caught up with a group of children by accidentally striking his car and causing the death of a 16-year-old boy running a bicycle. Once the police teams arrived on the spot and the guard was tightened, the device reported 1.58 milligrams of alcohol in his blood.
Gabriela Medarova has been released from a $ 5,000 bail. Up to now 21-year-old girl has 4 charges - 3 of them are related to catastrophe, property damage, traffic violation and alcohol and drug use seated behind steering wheel. The fourth indictment is for mild bodily harm after hooligan motives after May hit another girl in a disco. So, if you forgot it, she is the girl who gets drunk 10 drunk cars, and in the days she gets a student.
Vulcho Arabadzhiev, 21, released under a BGN 20,000 guarantee This Bulgarian citizen is being investigated for "money laundering", in his room are opened BGN 2 million and the total amount opened during the action is 10 At the same time, his parents have been announced as a search because they have not yet surrendered to the authorities. According to the court, there is no evidence that the young man is aware that his parents are involved in criminal activity, as the prosecution says because he is studying in London. There is no way to hide.
Momchil Milchov, a Bulgarian citizen, but obviously without luck. Momchil had first been in the arrest for the most severe detention facility for nearly two years, then was on bail and never attempted to abscond or escape, although one of the defendants was missing. He has been in custody for several months for a sentence, but has not had any wrongdoing.
According to the court, it can not be a measure of "guaranty" or "home arrest" for as long as the case runs in all instances, because it can hide. Momchil has been in custody for several years now. Attracted as an accused and convicted (but only at first instance) of being involved in beating another youngster. Maybe it does not matter, but Metin himself (the victim), according to the defense, has been hooliganish before the incident - he was in front of the mosque with other faces. Since the case is still pending before the High Court, I will not comment on it in detail - either as evidence or as a conviction. But I will point out that while there is no reason for the sentence for the second month, the defendant continues to lie amongst other detainees in custody. I will also add that the defendant has repeatedly wanted to get out of custody because he can immediately start work (there is an employer who is ready to hire him even from home) because he has a child about a year old to be care because the woman from which she has a child also works and can form a stable income and family because she has no intention of hiding yet
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