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I'm the custodian of a limited frat. What are my rights?

In general, the custody is the following: in order for a transaction or any legal effect of a limited suspension to take effect, the trustee's prior or prior consent (in writing or verbally) is necessary.
The transactions concluded by the restricted persons are not fully valid, nor are they absolutely invalid - they are just waiting to be confirmed in order to give rise to their legal effect. Such transactions do not take effect until confirmed by the custodians of these persons. Another possibility is the prior authorization of the trustees for the conclusion of a certain transaction. Naturally, it is possible that the deal will be concluded at a time when a trustee and a trustee act together.
What does it mean to be a trustee?
The decisions I take as custodian do not completely replace that of the represented. My will is as an addition to the will of the person placed under trusteeship. I just approve the deals concluded by the restricted person. In this way they become legally valid.
I act on behalf of a limited set-off and at his expense including.
A person under limited guardianship lives with his guardian. In the event that the perpetrator deviates (ie loses or simply relocates to another place), I also have the right, as a guardian, to ask a district court to return him.
What are my duties as a trustee?
To deposit the cash of the person placed under a restricted legal personality in his name at a bank. In case of a delay I will pay interest.
I have the guardian's duties. This means that:
I have to look after stoppages, manage my property and represent (accompany) it to third parties;
must within one month notify the mayor of a significant increase in property forfeited;
I have to ask a district court if the represented person wants to take action on a real estate deal (eg purchase or sale).
What is forbidden me as a trustee?
I do not have the power to allow the impoverished to donate, borrow, or secure a foreign obligation (for example, to become a guarantor).
Deputy Trustee:
The mayor appoints a trustee and a deputy trustee. In the event of any contradictions between the representative and the representative, the representation shall be carried out by the Deputy Trustee. By law, he is the official deputy of the trustee in his absence. What is special about the Deputy Trustee is that he may offer to the mayor of the municipality where the representative is represented. The mayor of the municipality in his role as guardian and guardianship body is a corrective for the activity of the representatives. It is a controlling body. After taking the opinion of the Deputy Trustee, he has the right to suspend or prescribe the actions of the Deputy Trustee. In short - he supervises the trustee's actions.
Trustee report:
I only give explanations on my activities and only at the request of the mayor (the explanations are given in the presence of the Deputy Trustee).
Representation by law:
The trustee of the spouse under a restricted barrier is his / her acting spouse. If there is none, custodians are his parents unless they are unknown, deceased or deprived of parental rights.
My trustee is honored! i. I should not receive any reward for it.
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