Аid for a student mother

Аid for a student mother

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Аid for a student mother

Every woman who is pregnant or has given birth is entitled to a one-off financial assistance from the state.

This aid is granted once under the following conditions:

- during pregnancy;

- at birth;

- for raising a child by a mother (adoptive) student, studying in a regular form of education. The right to receive this assistance arises after the birth of the child.

One-time assistance for raising a child by a mother / adoptive mother / student.

In order to receive a one-time allowance for raising a child from a mother / adoptive mother / student, it is necessary for her to be a full-time student, regardless of whether the university is public or private.

Deadline for submission of documents

Тhe term you have to observe is one year / 1 year / from the birth of the child.

Competent service:

Social Assistance Directorate at the mother's permanent address.

Necessary documents:

- Application-declaration according to a sample;

- ID card for reference;

- Copy of the child's birth certificate;

- Certificate from the Higher Educational Institution of the mother / adoptive mother / student that she is enrolled in a regular form of education at the time of submitting the application-declaration;

- Reference to the bank account to which the amount should be transferred.


A response to the Application-Declaration must be received within 2 weeks and, if necessary, instructions must be followed. In case the NSP refuses the one-time assistance, this Refusal must be served within one month, after which the interested person and the deadline for appealing this refusal before the Administrative Court.




Аid for a student mother
Аid for a student mother
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