Termination of adoption

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Revocation of adoption can be defined as the cessation of existence adoption.
The grounds for termination of adoption are: consensual deep disorder in relations adopter-adoptee caused by serious crime or other circumstances, death, annulment.
They can be grouped according to various criteria:
According to whether the adoption takes place due to defects in the formation of the adoption or shall be based on facts that occurred after the entry into force of the decision for adoption.
Revocation of adoption opens the opportunity for adoption of new child. Failure to hold would mean inequality between birth and adopted children. The thesis will be illustrated with an Illustrative parent / birthday or father / was disinterested permanently to the child, take care of him, not give him support. With such behavior birth parent the child may be adopted without the consent of the parent. When the described behavior is the adoptive parent, adoption may be terminated and the child is adoptable again or return to the family of the birth parents. If adoption was neprekratyaemo child would be left without parental care, without any chance to be adopted again. Therefore, the adoption can not be neprekratyaemo. Convention on the Rights of the Child provides that when a child can not remain in their family environment, it must be given its alternative care. These include care and adoption. Therefore, the adopted child deprived of parental care should be provided with the opportunity to be adopted again. The first step for this is the termination of the existing adoption.
Termination of adoption
Termination of adoption
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