Three district courts are loaded with cases for migrants

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Three district courts are loaded with cases for migrants


Three district courts with the greatest receipt of matters relating to migrants - these are Tsarevo, Svilengrad and Slivnitsa.

For the period from June to September the number of new cases were 329 for Tsarevo, 107 of Svilengrad and 83 of Slivnitsa. These are proceedings under Art. 279, art. 280 and Art. 281 of the Penal Code and related private criminal cases.


This shows the analysis of the workload of district courts in whose district includes areas in southern and western boundary adopted by the Judges' Association.


The scope of the examination were more courts in Malko Tarnovo, Sredets, Elhovo, Topolovgrad, Petrich and Gotse Delchev, Tran, Kula, Berkovitza.


The majority of cases for illegally crossing the border (Art. 279 of the Penal Code) and much less for smuggling and helping foreigners to reside or pass through the country. It is noteworthy that research period in the Special Criminal Court was formed only a case of an organized criminal group dealing with smuggling during the first six months of the year, those cases were three.


They were examined and the proceeds of cases in administrative courts in Haskovo, Sliven and Sofia City, the territory of which there are centers for refugees. While in ACSC experienced a slight decrease of cases under the Law on Asylum and Refugees, the Haskovo has a sharp jump in these proceedings, as well as an increase in cases in the law on foreigners. In Sliven proceedings from one became three.


In June, he was drafted first analysis to identify a growth of cases in relation to migrants and the District Court in Sredets. The new study shows that this was accidental, there are not any new proceedings chl.279-281 of the Penal Code and the number of private criminal cases has fallen sharply.


Judges Association recommended that the chairmen of appellate courts in Sofia and Burgas each month to monitor the workload in the district courts in the border areas and, if necessary, take action and bring the matter before the SJC.


At the same time will also discuss the proposal of the Committee on workload disclosure of posts in AdmS Haskovo an employee and closure of a number of judges in Sredets.


Three district courts are loaded with cases for migrants
Three district courts are loaded with cases for migrants
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