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"Pirogov" with nightmare news about the 6-year-old Marty, crushed on a pavement in Sandanski by a nervous driver

The condition of the 6-year-old child, who was hit on a sidewalk from a car in Sandanski, remains extremely severe.
For the time being, the child is stabilized, but there is a danger to his life, announced in an extraordinary briefing in Pirogov where the child is placed.
The boy was hit by a pavement car in Sandanski yesterday morning.
The driver of the car is a 73-year-old man who has struck two car parks in the crash.
Although the street had been closed for repair, the driver did not comply with the ban and drove the slope at high speed.
The child was transported to the hospital in Sandanski in a severe condition and an emergency surgery was carried out. Yesterday it was transported to the Pirogov hospital in Sofia.
His condition requires continuous observation, resuscitation and treatment. There is a real danger to his life. The boy has been operated, the spleen is removed.
"I cried like a little kid when I learned. The boy is very lively, constantly playing. I pray to the Lord to get it right, just that I want, "said a local resident of Sandanski, who also knows the old man behind the wheel of the car.
"With his wife we ​​have grown together. He is a decent person. He was an engineer, a factory manager, "he said.
"The boy lay in a pool of blood. There was a lot of blood. The family is good. Mother is very caring. " This is what Nova TV witnessed the heavy incident.
On Wednesday, shortly before 9.00 am, teams of water supply and sewerage in Sandanski arrived with a backhoe at Alexander Buinov Street. They parked the heavy machine on the street and signaled the road was closed.
Around the excavator, children from the neighborhood gathered to look at it - among them the 6-year-old Martin. While organizing to start, an adult man approached the WSS teams. He wanted to go by his car by the excavator, but he was refused.
Probably angry, the man got into the car, pushed the throttle, paved his way between the excavator and the cars parked on the sidewalk. A moment later, he overcame the child.
At the moment of blow to little Martin was the head of the water company in Sandanski. The man is shocked by the experience and did not want to stand in front of the television camera.
At the time of the incident, with the child around the excavator, there were still 5-6 children. They are all unharmed. The driver of the car who remained at the scene of the accident was detained. He has not used alcohol, the state indictment said. The prosecution has dealt with the case.
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