Lawyer registratsiyata on LTD in Varna

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Registration on LTD
 For registratsiyata on ednolichno Druzhestvo with limited otgovornost shte Vi ce izgotvyat vsichki needs uchreditelni documents (protocols, declarations, treaties for the management, spesimeni of signatures), instructions for the document Koito sledva yes se present from the bank's capital and made al., Poplvane on sotvetnite statements - Samples reservation at IME on firm et al. and vpisvane on firmata in Trgovskiya registr. Time - between 3 days and 1 months are. FREE ADVISORY by phone ako Imatia Ask a question on registratsiyata.
Price on goreposochenite services in total dimensions of 350 leva.
When neparichna second installment from lo make arrangements Additional vznagrazhdenie.
Additional ce zaplaschat drzhavni taxi to crawl on the Agencys for vpisvaniyata
For zapazvane on IME
For vpisvane on LTD
Notarialnite and banking taxi se zaplaschat on location of customer.
Km all sorts of commission fee added to behold Jarate.
Vizhte spetsialnata offer for Abonamentno fledged obsluzhvane.
Konsultirayte lo online lawyer Dan!
Lawyer registratsiyata on  LTD  in Varna
Lawyer registratsiyata on  LTD  in Varna
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