Lawyer enforcement proceedings varna

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Еnforcement cases
Lawyer Julia Danova offers its clients representation in enforcement cases. Specialized not only in legal assistance to the creditor, but also protection of the debtor in cases initiated by banks, non-bank credit companies, companies such as DHC, Plumbing, Electricity.
The aim of any natural or legal person is most quick way to get their money. The role of the lawyer in this case is the timely and competent preparation of documents in the enforcement case, requesting the bailiff to carry out various reports, the imposition of liens, foreclosures, etc.
At the same time during the enforcement proceedings must be respected and the rights of the debtor to achieve sapostavenost in the process and to prevent opportunities for appeals. Although Bulgarian legislation gives wide opportunity to protect the rights and legitimate interests of debtors, there are many cases in which, in the performance of their duties, enforcement authorities infringe overriding established laws. In this context and with a view to maximum and timely protection of the debtor is required thorough and competent introduction to the papers in the appropriate enforcement action. Otherwise it could be that they missed fatal deadlines and opportunities for adequate and timely reaction has gone to the extent that now nothing can be done.
Lawyer enforcement proceedings varna
Lawyer enforcement proceedings varna
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