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Commercial Law
Commercial law explores the status of merchants and achieving their business activity. Commercial activity associated with the supply of goods or services, professional, professionally, with the aim of making a profit. Trader is any person who is listed as such in the commercial register or carries on business transactions. Quality "trader" requires a person to conduct its affairs "with due diligence" - maintain a high level of professionalism, leading business books for accounting purposes and take full responsibility for damage resulting from its activities. The trader is obliged to enter in the commercial register their annual balance sheets, statements of cash flows and other data allowing to make reasoned conclusions about its economic and organizational status.
Sole traders in our law are individuals who have stated that they will act as dealers and comply with all their property for the conduct of their business. Commercial companies under Bulgarian law can be aggregate, limited, joint stock such limited liability. A specific rules relating to the commercial representation, mediation powers. The implementation of some commercial activities law requires registration as a dealer in the form specified and the acquisition of additional administrative permissions. There are a number of special rules that prohibit unfair competition between businesses protect consumers' rights, set minimum requirements and responsibilities in the exercise of certain commercial activities. Unlike ordinary civil entities, traders can not invoke the grounds for relief from their responsibilities as ignorance, extreme necessity, a clear discrepancy between the given and received, and others.
Bankruptcy is another key commercial matters. If a trader delay their payments can be considered that it is insolvent. If the trader's commitments exceed its assets, there is over-indebtedness. Each of the creditors of the trader who has delayed without reason their payments, may request the opening of insolvency proceedings. The Court assessed the existence of grounds and if it finds that there are serious difficulties in the payment of the merchant opens the requested production. Trader, if a large deficit in its balance sheet, is obliged to initiate such proceedings alone. Bankruptcy proceedings aims to impose measures for rescuing the trader, if possible, to prevent spillage of property and, if necessary, to carry out liquidation of the entrepreneur, as allocate assets among the creditors according to the statutory procedure. Remaining property, if any, upon the satisfaction of obligations shall be returned to the trader. If you remain unsatisfied creditors, the trader shall be deleted and the persons who were associated with the management of commercial activities, lost its right to take over such responsible positions.
   advising on business concepts and plans
   establishment and transformation of companies
   transfer of companies and enterprises
   legal counseling conduct of commercial activities
   drafting contracts for management and control
   assistance in conducting trade negotiations
   consultation to commercial transactions
   assistance in collecting debts from traders
   bankruptcy and liquidations
Lawyer Commercial Law varna
Lawyer Commercial Law varna
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