civil litigation

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The civil process is a set of procedural actions aimed at protection of civil rights.
They in turn are regulated in substantive civil law, which includes civil, commercial, labor and family law. Substantive law is the source of rights which are protected under the procedural law, for example, ownership of content and grounds of occurrence is governed by the Property Act, while the order for his protection is regulated by the CPC. Otherwise the civil process is a procedure to have to turn to the substantive rights holders when they need protection.
The claim process is a procedure by which litigants receive protection prejudiced subjective straight- with an open hearing, the submission of written evidence questioning of witnesses and experts. This process ends with the judgment, which sought protection provided / as are ordered defendant to pay the sum sought by the applicant to forward the unjust hold property, etc. / or claim is rejected.
In connection with your case in connection with participation in civil proceedings suggest you prepare all documents before the departments; Litigation and everything needed for success
civil litigation
civil litigation
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