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Definition of child "Child" means every human being below the age of 18 years.

Respecting the rights and non-discrimination Your state respects and ensures the rights under this Agreement and protect you from discrimination and punishment, irrespective of race, sex, language, religion, origin, social status, property, disability, opinions or any other situation where you are.

Best interests of the child Your interests are paramount in all actions aimed at you. The state takes care of your safety, health and well-being by providing the necessary laws for this.

Implementation of rights Your State shall take all necessary measures to implement children's rights recognized by this Convention (Agreement).

Orientation of the child in the exercise of rights The State respects the rights, obligations and responsibilities of people who care about you to provide appropriate guidance and direct the exercise of your rights in a manner consistent with your development and your abilities.

Right to life and development You have a right to life and your country ensures the survival and development you in the best way.

Name and nationality You have a right to a name, nationality and production from your parents. Your country care about.

Protection of identity You have a right to preserve their identity, nationality, name and family relations. Your country and helps protect you if it is not met.

Separation from parents You have a right to live with your parents, unless you harm. You and your parents have the right to view and participate in the decision of separation between you. When you are separated from one or both parents, you have the right to keep in touch with them if it does not harm your interests. When a country is the reason for the split you, you and your family have a right to information on the residence of each member of the family and it should not have bad consequences for any of you.

Family reunification If you and your family live in different countries, you may want to collect or maintain personal contacts without restrictions, as long as it is within the law and respect the rights of others.

Illicit transfer and non-return of children abroad Your country must fight the illicit transfer (abduction) of children, as well as their failure to return from abroad. To make this possible, the state signed agreements and contracts with other countries.

Freedom of opinion You can freely express their own opinion on issues that relate to you from the moment you are capable of this. The State provides an opportunity for a hearing in your opinion is given due weight in accordance with the age and maturity you.

Freedom of expression and right to information You have the right to freely express their opinion. You can seek, receive and impart information of any kind and in any form, as long as it does not affect the rights of others, national security, order, health or morals.

Freedom of thought, conscience and religion You have a right to freely express their thoughts, to practice their religion without violating the laws and the rights of others. People who care for you have the right and obligation to manage these in a manner consistent with the development of your abilities.

Freedom of association You have the right to participate in peaceful assembly or association of their choice, respecting the law and not violate the rights of others.

Privacy No one may interfere unlawfully in your private life, family, home and correspondence, and to encroach upon your honor and reputation. You are entitled to protection against this.

Access to useful information Your country provides access to useful information for your development. You have the right to receive information and material from a diversity of cultural, national and international sources through the media and in your language. Your country promote the production and dissemination of children's books. The state protects you from information and material injurious to you.

Responsibility of parents Your parents or guardians are jointly responsible for your upbringing and development, and the protection of your best interests. The State provides appropriate assistance to parents in child-rearing, creating services and institutions to watch over you.

Protection from Violence Your country protect you from all forms of physical or mental violence, neglect or negligent treatment, from injury or abuse, mistreatment or exploitation of sex offenders while you're under the care of parents or others. The state creates social protection programs to protect you. However, if something happens, it should take care of you.

Care for children deprived of a family environment Your state provides special protection and assistance in the event that no family or the family does not take good care of you. This help protect your rights and interests.

Adoption You are entitled to adoption if retain your best interests and after having collected all the guarantees and permits to people who meet you.

Rights of children - refugees You are entitled to special protection if you have to leave your country (because of war, riots, prosecution or other reasons), whether with parents or without them. You are entitled to information about your family and help for its recovery.

Children with mental or physical disabilities Your country recognizes the right of full and decent life, autonomy and active participation in society of children with physical or mental abnormalities. Such a child receives special care, if necessary - free to provide education, health care, education, preparation for employment and recreation.

Health and access to health services You are entitled to the best possible health, access to the best health care, the highest standard of living, organic food and drinking water. Your country will fight for the elimination of traditional practices that are harmful to children's health.

Control treatment and accommodation If you are placed in a special hospital for treatment, you have the right to a periodic review of the mode of treatment and the circumstances of your accommodation.

Social security You have a right to benefit from social security and insurance costs and according to your situation as well as persons responsible for you.

Standard of living You are entitled to the best way of life to meet the needs of your physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development according to abilities and financial capacities of those responsible for you. You are entitled to maintenance from the parents (guardians), regardless of where they are located.

Right to education You have a right to education. Your country gives an equal chance to all, providing free and compulsory primary access (according to ability) to different forms of secondary and higher education, and access to scientific and technical knowledge. School discipline must be respected in a manner that protects human dignity and violate the rights under this Agreement.

Objectives of education Your education should be aimed at developing the personality, talents and mental and physical abilities; to respect human rights and freedoms; to develop a sense of respect for parents, identity, national values, different civilizations and the natural environment.

Children of minorities or indigenous peoples If you belong to an ethnic, linguistic or religious minority or indigenous, you have the right to speak their language, can use their own culture and to practice their religion.

Right to leisure, recreation, cultural and artistic You have the right to rest and leisure, participation in age-appropriate your games and fun activities and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts.

Protection from exploitation Your country they protect against all forms of illegal employment in favor of others, creating laws establishing the minimum age for admission to employment, appropriate working conditions and monitors them to support your development.

Protection of drugs Your country they protect all measures of illegal use, participation in the production and sale of drugs and other substances harmful to your health.

Protection from sexual abuse and exploitation No one can they coerce, exploit sexually or they used for the production of pornographic materials and performances.

Prevent the abduction and sale of children No one can they abducted, sold or traded with you in any form and for whatever purpose.

Protection from all forms of exploitation Your well-being should not be affected by any form of exploitation.

Protection from torture and deprivation of liberty Your country provides not punish, torture, humiliate, not you impose the death penalty or life imprisonment; not rob the unlawful and arbitrary freedom you. If you still deprived of liberty must be respected the dignity you, the needs of your age and the right to legal and other assistance.

Protection in armed conflict In the event of armed conflict you have the right to protection and care of your country. If you are not 15 years of age should not take a direct part in hostilities and not to have to call in the army.

Care for physical and psychological recovery If someone has referred you to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment, you have a right to care, to help your physical and mental recovery. You have the right and the conditions favorable to the promotion of your health, self-respect and dignity.

Protection in violation of the criminal law Your country recognizes the right of every child who is suspected, accused of, or recognized as having infringed the penal law to be treated in a manner that preserves the dignity and fundamental human rights and freedoms.

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