Lawyer for the registration of non-profit association in the city of Varna and Varna

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Registration of non-profit association

Legal non-profit freely determine their goals and can identify as: 1 / organizations to operate in the public interest (Chapter 3 of the Non) or 2 / organizations to operate for private benefit (associations and foundations) are .Opredelyaneto made by the statutes, the Constitutive Act or amendment in tyah.Opredelyaneto for the public benefit is irrevocable after entering this circumstance in the register of legal non-profit entities in the area of ​​the district court of a non-profit legal tsel.Uchrediteli non-profit entity can be Bulgarian and foreign legal and physical persons (Art. 5ot NPLEA) .Yuridicheskite non-profit set for the public benefit, upon their subject navpisvane in special Central Register at the Ministry of Justice (Article . 2, para. 1-3 of the Non). The state can support and encourage registered in the Central Register of corporate bodies for carrying out socially useful activity through tax, credit, interest, customs and other financial and economic incentives and financing at terms and conditions specified in the relevant special laws ( Art. 4 of the Non). Non-profit organizations established to perform community service, spend their property: 1. development and promotion of spiritual values, civil society, education, science, culture, technology or physical education; 2. helping the poor, disabled or persons in need of care; 3. the promotion of social integration and personal development; 4. protection of human rights or the environment; 5. other purposes determined by zakon.Chuzhdestranno legal non-profit entity may perform community service through its branch in the country in terms of the Non (Art. 38, para. 1 and para. 2 of the Non) if its objectives are contrary to public order and law in the Republic of Bulgaria (Art. 52, para. 2 of the Non) .ORG management entity with non-profit public benefit are: collective supreme body and managing authority (Art. 39, para. 1 of the Non ).

Preparation of office of all the constituent documents (Articles of Association, declarations, specimen signatures, etc.), Instructions for removing the criminal record (if necessary) or documents to be submitted by the Bank and others., Filling in applications to the court, booking name and registration of the association in the registry of the court. Period - from 1 week to 3 months. Price of the above services in general razmer- 350 lev. In-kind contribution is negotiable remuneration.

Additional state fees: To preserve the name of the foundation - in Tariff Information Services Delphi. Entering a foundation 50 lev account of the district court Registry. Notary and bank fees are paid on site by client. Upon registration in Bulstat is negotiable salary and paid stamp duty 40 lev. For registration of non-profit public benefit organization in the Central Register of the Ministry of Justice shall be paid additional remuneration of 50 lev. State fee is not due.

Each commission fee is added to the bank.

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Lawyer for the registration of non-profit association in the city of Varna and Varna
Lawyer for the registration of non-profit association in the city of Varna and Varna
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