Sale of property owned by a child

Sale of property owned by a child

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Sale of property owned by a child

In the event that you are the parent of a minor child who has his own property or money in a bank and it is necessary to dispose of some of them, the law requires you to perform certain actions to obtain such permission, as the state aims to protect entirely in the interest of the children.

Administration of a child's estate

Each parent is obliged to manage his child's property with the care of a good steward and entirely in his interest.

How is property sold to a child?

Both property sales, mortgages, exchanges, etc. disposing of property or withdrawing sums of money from deposits, pledges in the property of a child are carried out only with the permission of the District Court at the child's current address.

What do you need to do?

In order to sell property to a child or any other action with his property, you need to get permission from the court. For this purpose, you must first contact the main body that protects children's rights, the "Child Protection" department of the "Social Assistance" Directorate, by filing a Request for their opinion. In the request, you need to explain the reason for the requested action and prove that its implementation is in the best interest of the child. Attached to this application are all the evidence related to the case / property deed, child's birth certificate, identity card for those over 14, certificate of heirs, etc.

After obtaining an opinion from the "Child Protection" Department of the "Social Assistance" Directorate, if the same is satisfactory and in your favor, you should attach it to the main application to the District Court, together with the evidence.

This proceeding is one of the so-called Expedited Proceedings and immediately after your deposition is assigned to a judge on duty who takes the necessary action by denying or allowing the sale of property to a child or other requested action.

Refusal of permission to sell property to a child

In cases where the court does not allow the sale of a child's property or any other action with his property and issues a Refusal, this act can be appealed.

The competent court for appealing the Refusal is the District Court at the current address of the child, whose decision is final.





Sale of property owned by a child
Sale of property owned by a child
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