Reduction of alimony

Reduction of alimony

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Reduction of alimony

Who can ask for a reduction in maintenance?

A reduction in alimony can only be requested by a person for whom a decision on alimony in a certain amount has already entered into force.

A usual reduction in alimony requires the obligee to pay it, who has difficulty in doing so.

When can a reduction in maintenance be requested?

It is important to first note that a reduction in the amount of alimony can only occur when it is above the minimum set for the country, which according to PMS No. 37/24.03.2022 is BGN 177.50.

A reduction in maintenance can be requested when there is a change in circumstances. This change affects the financial ability of the dependent. That is, if the dependent had a higher income to award the previous alimony, now changes have occurred and he no longer has this option.

For each individual case, it is necessary to gather sufficient evidence regarding the existence of a change in the circumstances that require a reduction of maintenance and, accordingly, the inability of the dependent person to pay it.

What do I need to do to reduce alimony?

To reduce alimony, I need to file a claim with attached evidence before the District Court at the dependent's permanent address.

I have to prove the change in my financial situation, the difficulty to pay the alimony in the previous amount.




Reduction of alimony
Reduction of alimony
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