Paid Labor leave

Paid Labor leave

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Paid Labor leave

What is paid annual leave?

This is a time when the employee is not at work and does not work for the benefit of the employer, but is on leave and can have his own free time. During this holiday the worker receives remuneration as if he had been at work and these days on his leave are considered as work and insurance experience.

Paid annual leave must be entered in each employment contract!

When am I entitled to paid leave?

To be entitled to paid leave you need:

• to be employed under an employment contract with an employer;

• if I am starting work for the first time, at least 4 / four / months must have passed since my appointment.

Amount of basic paid annual leave

By law, all employees are entitled to paid leave, which is not less than 20 working days. This leave is called basic annual leave.

There are categories of workers and employees who, in view of the specifics of their work, are entitled to extended paid annual leave. This extended paid annual leave is the basic paid annual leave of 20 days plus additional working days of leave. The categories of workers and employees entitled to extended paid annual leave are determined by the Council of Ministers.

How do I use paid leave?

In order to use our right to paid leave, we need to submit an application for permission to the employer, who will allow us. We cannot arbitrarily interrupt our official duties, because the same would be considered self-exclusion!

In this application we must enter the days or the period of time during which we wish to be allowed to use the paid leave.

It is important to know that:

• Those working under a 4-hour employment contract are also entitled to a basic paid annual leave of 20 working days;

• The number of days of paid annual leave that we can take is proportional to the length of service we have with that employer. In other words, we cannot want to use 20 working days of leave in February, as we have worked only 2 calendar months of the respective year.





Paid Labor leave
Paid Labor leave
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