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The Occupational Medicine Service has established a unit that has primarily a preventive function on the life and health of each employee.

The activity of the Office of Occupational Medicine is advising and assisting employers, committees and groups on working conditions in planning and organizing activities, such as:

  • ensuring and maintaining healthy and safe working conditions;
  • • strengthening the health and working capacity of employees in connection with their work;
  • • adapting the work to the capabilities of the worker, taking into account his physical and mental health.

Types of Occupational Medicine Services:

  • • Occupational health services established by employers alone or jointly with other employers;
  • • Occupational health services, representing legal or natural persons registered under the Commercial Act, the Cooperatives Act or the Non-Profit Legal Entities Act, as well as companies under the legislation of a Member State of the European Union or a Member State. under the Agreement on the European Economic Area, to serve workers.
  • • Occupational medicine services established by medical institutions established as independent legal entities to serve employees.

Any employer who cannot establish an Occupational Medicine Service alone or in an association enters into a contract with a registered one to serve the workers.

  • Activities of occupational medicine services:
  • The main activities performed by an occupational medicine service are:
  • Assisting employers in establishing an organization for safety and health at work;
  •  Assessing occupational risks;
  •  Carrying out a regular analysis of the health status of employees;
  •  proposing measures to eliminate and reduce the identified risk;
  •  training of employees and officials on the rules of health and safety at work, as well as training on the rules of first aid, self-help and mutual assistance in relation to specific hazards in the workplace;
  • provide information to employees about the health risks associated with work and the results of medical examinations and tests;
  • assist employers in fulfilling the statutory requirements related to health and safety at work, as well as in developing rules, regulations and instructions.


  • at least one "master" in medicine with an acquired specialty "occupational medicine";
  • at least one person with higher education in specialties from the professional fields in the field of technical sciences according to the Classifier of the fields of higher education and professional fields with at least three years of professional experience in the field of safety and health at work;
  • one technical contractor with education not lower than secondary.

Each Occupational Medicine Service is registered in the Ministry of Health by the Minister of Health upon a proposal of the Commission for Registration of Occupational Medicine Services by submitting an application.

It is obligatory for each employer to provide services to its employees from the Occupational Medicine Service, as there is no requirement for a minimum number of occupied jobs.

The main normative act, which regulates the activity of the Occupational Medicine Service, is Ordinance № 3 of 25.01.2008 on the terms and conditions for carrying out the activity of the occupational medicine services.



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