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It is the responsibility of every employer to ensure healthy and safe working conditions in all work-related cases, both for workers and for all other persons who are otherwise in or near workplaces, playgrounds or places, and is responsible for ensuring healthy and safe working conditions, regardless of the obligations of the employees, as well as whether this activity is carried out by their bodies or is assigned to other competent services or persons.

The employer must submit an annual declaration to the territorial directorate "Labor Inspection" at the address of registration of the enterprise by April 30 of the following year if there is a change in the circumstances to be declared.

The employer is obliged to:

to assess the risks to the safety and health of workers in this regard work equipment, the use of chemicals and mixtures and the organization of workplaces;

• in accordance with the risk assessment and, if necessary, to plan and implement preventive measures and methods of work and production;

• to assign to the working tasks, in accordance with their competencies, experience and capabilities;

• not to allow to places where there is a serious or specific danger to health and life, persons who are not properly trained, instructed and equipped;

• to assess possible dangers for workers who need special protection, including those with limited working capacity;

• to create the necessary organization for the monitoring and control of the implementation of the planned measures;

• to ensure effective control;

All legal entities and individuals who use employees provided to them by an enterprise that provides temporary work are obliged to:

1. to perform the above-described actions;

2. to inform the enterprise, which provides temporary work, about the specific characteristics of the workplace, the professional risks and the necessary professional qualification.

All costs related to ensuring healthy and safe working conditions for employees are entirely at the expense of the employer.

When using a single workplace by several companies or organizations, employers jointly by written agreement ensure healthy and safe working conditions, inform each other about the risks at work and coordinate their activities to protect workers from these risks.

organization for actions for liquidation of the danger, rendering of first aid, fire protection and conditions for evacuation of the workers, as well as the contacts with emergency medical aid and the structures for fire safety and protection of the population;

• determines the workers who will implement the measures for liquidation of danger, first aid, fire fighting and evacuation of the workers, as the number, training and the equipment provided for this purpose correspond to the specific risks and the size of the enterprise.

In the event of a serious and imminent danger to health and life, the employer shall inform the endangered workers as soon as possible of the actions taken in connection with their protection, ensure the cessation of work and evacuation to a safe place and prevent resumption of work, until the danger is removed.

In the event of an accident at work, the Employer must investigate and register it in accordance with the procedure and manner determined by the Social Security Code.

The employer is obliged to provide each employee with appropriate training and instruction in safety and health at work in accordance with the specifics of his individual workplace and profession in:

(a) entry into employment;

b) relocation or change of job;

c) introduction of new or in case of change of work equipment and technology;

Training and coaching are conducted periodically, taking into account new or changed risks.


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