Lost or destroyed high school diploma

Lost or destroyed high school diploma

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Lost or destroyed high school diploma

What is a high school diploma and what does it do for us?

The diploma for secondary education is an individual administrative act issued to each person who, according to Article 24 of the Public Education Act, has completed XII grade and successfully passed state matriculation exams in subjects or a cycle of subjects studied in high school. .

The general success of the individual student is entered in the diploma for secondary education. The diploma is final and entitles to further education or vocational training. The diploma certifies the completion of secondary education and is often required by various bodies in the original. It is required when continuing education at the university, when obtaining a driver's license, when starting work, etc.

Conditions under which a duplicate of a secondary education diploma is issued

A duplicate may be issued to you when:

  •  the original is lost;
  •  destroyed or f
  •  has become unusable.

What do you need to do in order to be issued a Duplicate Diploma in Secondary Education?

  • To fall into any of the above hypotheses;
  • To submit an Application to the principal of the respective school from which the original was issued to you;

There is no fee for issuing a Duplicate!

The principal must check whether there are grounds for issuing a duplicate, then check the primary documentation / personal cards of students / - whether there is evidence that the same person has successfully completed secondary education and whether he was issued an original diploma.

If the original diploma has become unusable and you want to issue a duplicate, you need to write "destroyed - duplicate issued" on the original and keep the invalid diploma in the institution together with the request for its replacement.

Each Duplicate of the diploma for secondary education is registered in the registration book for the issued documents for completed degree or acquired professional qualification and is described in the personal card of the person.

The duplicate has the force of an original and is an indefinite act!

Deadline for issuance

The deadline for issuing a duplicate diploma for secondary education is 14 days from the submission of the Application.

If you refuse to issue a duplicate of your high school diploma

This refusal must be officially served on you, and its content must contain reasons / reasons for refusing to issue /, as well as to whom you can challenge this refusal.

The opportunity here is to contact the relevant RWU / Regional Department of Education / to inspect and control the activities of the director, after which the procedure goes through the APC to the relevant Administrative Court to appeal the refusal.

In case of refusal to issue a duplicate of the diploma for secondary education, due to lack of primary documentation, which shows that the interested person has been issued an original of the requested document, the school principal issues a CERTIFICATE to serve as a declaratory action. court order.





Lost or destroyed high school diploma
Lost or destroyed high school diploma
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