How to take the pension instead of my parent, grandparents

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How to take the pension instead of my parent, grandparents

    When we have to take a pension from a parent or grandparent, we need to keep in mind that this is possible only by submitting an application to the postmaster to receive the pension on the spot or at home under certain conditions or by power of attorney.

    1. In order to be able to receive someone else's pension from the post office or at home, you need:

- first it should be payable through Bulgarian Posts;

- then to submit an application to the postmaster.

    The person must have a pension for permanently reduced working capacity or the pensioner must have reached the age of 68. The address of receipt of the pension shall be entered in the application and the reason for receiving it at home shall be mentioned. The persons who can receive the pension against the identity card of the pensioner and the recipient, together with proof of kinship are:

• spouse;

• an adult child or parent of the pensioner.

    2. If the pensioner does not receive the pension through Bulgarian Post and does not fall into the category of persons who can only submit an application, it is necessary to obtain a power of attorney from the pensioner, who authorizes them personally to receive the amount.

    The power of attorney must be notarized, and the pensioner must appear in person at a notary who will certify his signature under a pre-written power of attorney. This power of attorney must contain his personal data and personal data of the person who will be entitled to receive the pension, before which institution he will serve / Post Office, Bank / and of course that the person is authorized to receive a pension, specifying exactly what .

    If the pensioner is abroad, he must visit the Bulgarian diplomatic and consular missions to certify the signature.

    The power of attorney can also be explicit - that is, it can be used with certain restrictions. For example, to serve only in front of the post office, in whose payment documents he is included; to give the right to withdraw only part of the monthly pension or only for certain months.

    In the presence of a notarized power of attorney, anyone can use it undisturbed according to the will of the pensioner-principal.



How to take the pension instead of my parent, grandparents
How to take the pension instead of my parent, grandparents
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