Healthy and safe working conditions

Healthy and safe working conditions

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Healthy and safe working conditions

"Healthy and safe working conditions" are conditions that do not lead to occupational diseases and accidents and create a precondition for the physical, mental and social well-being of workers.

    Observance of Healthy and Safe Working Conditions is of utmost importance for all enterprises and places where work is carried out or training is carried out, regardless of: the form of organization, ownership and grounds. Healthy and safe working conditions are also applied in Bulgarian enterprises abroad, unless otherwise provided by the laws of the foreign state or in an international agreement to which the Republic of Bulgaria is a party.

    Every employer is obliged to ensure healthy and safe working conditions for workers, which include:

  1. prevention of occupational risks;
  2. provision of information and training;
  3. provision of organization and funds.

    For this purpose it is necessary:

  1.  to avoid and limit all possible risks;
  2.  to assess the risks that cannot be avoided;
  3.  to adjust the work to the worker for reduction of the bad influences on his health;
  4.  to replace the dangerous with safe or less dangerous;
  5.  to indicate hazards and sources of factors harmful to health and safety;
  6.  to pursue a consistent and comprehensive prevention policy, etc .;

    It is extremely important that the Workplaces meet the minimum requirements for ensuring healthy and safe working conditions, which conditions are determined by an Ordinance of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy and the Minister of Health.

    In this regard, you need:

  1. the workplace and the work equipment to be maintained in technical condition
  2. the workplace and the work equipment and the roads to them to be cleaned regularly;
  3. the protective equipment and the means for collective and personal protection to be regularly checked and to be maintained in working order.
  4. the roads to the emergency exits and the exits themselves to be kept free at all times.

    When working with high neuro-psychological load, monotony and forced working posture, a certain norm and during shift work, physiological regimes of work and rest are introduced, which help to preserve the health and working capacity of working people.

    The employer is obliged to create and maintain a card file of the safety data sheets of the used and produced dangerous chemical substances and mixtures.

    The employer is obliged to insure the employees for occupational disease and occupational accident, as the insurance contributions are for him.

     If there is a danger to workers' lives and health, they must be insured against the risk of an "accident at work" at the expense of the employer.

    It is important to know that if you do not observe your safe and healthy working conditions, you must notify the Executive Agency "Labor Inspection" at the workplace.











Healthy and safe working conditions
Healthy and safe working conditions
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