Criminal record certificate

Criminal record certificate

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Criminal record certificate

What is a criminal record?

The criminal record certificate is a document that contains information about the criminal record of each Bulgarian citizen.

How do I get a criminal record?

It is necessary to submit an application:

  • in the criminal record office at the district court;
  • in a Bulgarian representation abroad, when I reside in the territory of another country;
  • in a Bulgarian representation abroad or through a foreign diplomatic or consular representation in the Republic of Bulgaria, if I am a foreign citizen.

Deadline for issuing a criminal record certificate

A ready-made form has been prepared that can be used on the spot. If the person was born in the same town, the criminal record certificate is issued immediately, but if the person is from the town of another district court, it is necessary to wait one day to receive information and prepare it.

Who can apply for a criminal record?

The application can be submitted in person, through a notarized power of attorney/ when it is for another living person/ or through a certificate for heirs/ for a deceased person/

Where is a criminal record required?

  • to obtain a permit (e.g. for weapons)
  • to hold a certain position (judge, prosecutor, investigator, etc.);
  • for registration to exercise a certain free profession and in other cases.

The application is on a template and I am filling in the following information about myself:

  • first name, patronymic, last name and address
  • EGN, if I am a Bulgarian citizen, or LNCH (personal number of a foreigner), if I am a foreigner;
  • the day, month and year of my birth;
  • my mine;
  • my citizenship;
  • the first, middle and last name of my father and mother;
  • the purpose for which I want the criminal record certificate, and when it is for employment - the exact position, e.g. for work as a court clerk;

when I submit an application for the issuance of a criminal record certificate for another person, I also indicate my first, middle and last name, and address for correspondence

Content of the criminal record certificate

The following shall be entered in the criminal record certificate:

  • the data specified above as mandatory content of the application;
  • all my convictions, if any, including cases in which I have incurred an administrative penalty instead of criminal liability (convictions are entered in the order of entry into force of judicial acts);

Important! The criminal record certificate, in which convictions are entered, is signed by the president of the district court/deputy appointed by him, and those issued by the Central Bureau of Criminal Records - by his head/designated legal officer.

  • if there are no convictions against me - he writes unconvicted.
  • if I am convicted but not rehabilitated, it says convicted.
  • the specific purpose for which the certificate is issued, when it is for employment - the position for which the person is applying is also noted.

Validity of criminal record

The criminal record certificate is valid for a period of 6 months from the date of its issuance.


Criminal record certificate
Criminal record certificate
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