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civil law
Civil law as a branch of the law is a body of law governing the status (status) of civil legal entities and relationships between them.
The system of civil law, this is the way of organizing the standards within the civil law. The arrangement is generally done in the following way - civil law, with commercial law and private international law constitute the branches of private law. Subdivisions of the civil law are called branches. These are contract law, property law, copyright law, family and inheritance law. Among these branches must appear commercial law.
For cases related to civil law suggest:
- Legal advice in civil matters;
- Litigation and legal protection in the conduct of civil cases;
- Litigation in court and enforcement proceedings;
- Legal services to companies;
- Preparation of deeds, powers of attorney, certificates, invitations and assistance before a notary;
Other activities and preparation of documents in your particular case.
Advice in civil matters, professional lawyers SERVICE!
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Lawyer civil law Varna
Lawyer civil law Varna
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